5 Signs Your Car Battery Isn’t Ready For Winter

As you dig out your snow shovel to prepare for the inevitable snows to come, it’s also a good time to get your car ready for winter weather.Check you vehicle battery before winter hits.

We compiled some tips to make sure your battery is in optimal condition during the coming cold season.

  1. Engine cranks but doesn’t start. While this might seem like normal behavior during the cold months, it’s also a sign there might be something wrong with your battery.
  2. No lights, no start, no cranking. Did you leave your lights on overnight? If not, it’s probably time to get a new battery.
  3. One minute it starts fine, the next it won’t. Don’t just chalk this up to your car being finicky. This could be a sign that your battery is on its last legs.
  4. Difficult with cold cranking. This is another symptom vehicle owners often overlook. If you are having trouble starting your car, get that battery checked out!
  5. Having to jump start your vehicle. Again, did you leave your car lights on and drain your battery? No? Well, then it is likely a bad battery.

Make sure your car is tuned up and ready to go for this upcoming Black Hills winter. This month, we’re offering a special deal on a new battery. Check out all our monthly service specials, or call 605-348-4468 for more information.

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