5 Steps You Can Expect During The Trade-In Process

rushmore honda trade-in process

Some customers mistakenly believe they’ll get a better deal by not trading in their current vehicle. But the truth is, we’re always looking for good, clean trades for our next customer. 

You can earn top dollar for your trade if you have inventory that we need. So you might get an even better deal than what you were expecting.

The trade-in process at Rushmore Honda

So what is the trade-in process like? A typical trade-in evaluation can be outlined in five main steps.

  1. First, we inspect the physical condition of your vehicle’s exterior, such as paint and glass. We also check to see if any repair work has been done.honda tire alignment
  2. Next, we check the tire wear. If the tire treads are under 5/32 of an inch, it’s time to replace them. All pre-owned vehicles with tires under 5/32 inch are replaced before they go onto the lot.
  3. We then check the interior by carefully inspecting all of the upholstery and fabric for stains, rips and tears.
  4. Next, we take the vehicle for a drive and make sure all of the electronic components work, as well as the engine and transmission. And we also make note of whether or not the check-engine light is on.
  5. Finally, we will make you an offer!

In the market for a used car in the Black Hills?

Obviously, the better you take car of your vehicle, the more you will get from it when trade-in time comes around.

An we’re always getting trade-ins, so we can have a great selection of used vehicles for you to choose from.

Your car could be worth more than you think. Request your free trade-in evaluation today! 

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