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5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Used Cars Rapid City

Posted by Steve Michelson on 9/14/17 4:18 PM

View of the Rushmore Honda dealership in South Dakota containing used cars Rapid City.

While shopping for a used vehicle, many questions and concerns may arise—like, how do you know you're getting a good deal? 

Your Rapid City Honda dealer wants you to be as informed as possible before making the decision to buy. Make sure you ask these five important questions while shopping used cars for sale in South Dakota. 

Top Five Questions You Should Ask While Used Car Shopping

1. How many miles does the vehicle have?

Typically, the higher the mileage, the higher the wear and tear — and the higher the chance of things going wrong.

Be sure to ask not only how many miles the vehicle has, but also what type of miles they are. Was the vehicle driven mostly in the mountains or in town? The town car probably has less wear and tear.

If you're looking for a used car that's practically brand-new, browse our vehicles under 100,000 milesWe offer a 3 month 3,000 mile drivetrain warranty on all used vehicles that do not have any manufacturers warranty left!

2. How many owners has the vehicle had? 

Multiple owners is often a red flag. If a lot of other people didn't want the vehicle, maybe you won't either. 

It's also more difficult to know a vehicle's full history if there were many owners, since important details could have been lost over time. 

However, a few owners isn't a reason not to buy a car, but it's an important consideration, and good information for you to have if you choose to buy.

3. Has anything been fixed or replaced? 

Find out if the vehicle you're considering has been in an accident so you know which parts have been replaced or fixed. If the vehicle has been in a previous accident, have a mechanic inspect it to give you peace of mind. 

Knowing a used vehicle's previous history is key to making an informed decision. All of our used cars in Rapid City come with an Autocheck vehicle history report and SelectShield. 

SelectShield is the process we follow to inspect all used vehicles to help you drive with confidence. We inspect 70 major component systems and performance characteristics. Learn more about Select Shield here

4. What's the price? 

Obviously, price matters. Make sure the vehicle is not only in line with your budget, but also comparable to (or less than) similar used cars for sale in South Dakota.

Rushmore Honda strives to get you the "right prices" on all our used vehicles, we promise. If price is a concern for you, shop our inventory under $10,000

Find out what it's like to shop for Rapid City used cars with us. 

5. Can I take a test drive? 

If the dealer says no to a test drive, you should say no to the vehicle. It means they're hiding something about the vehicle they don't want you to know.

Drive the vehicle for at least fifteen minutes, and take it both on the highway and in town. If it feels right (or wrong), it probably is.

At Rushmore Honda, we offer free test drives of all our vehicles. Contact us to set up a time!


Shop Our Lot At Local Rapid City Honda Dealership

Now that you know what questions ask, put your new knowledge to the test! We welcome you to shop our used inventory online and at the lot. 

When you shop at Rushmore Honda, our expert salespeople are able to answer any and all of your questions. There's nothing to hide about our used cars.

Ready to start shopping? Begin your used vehicle search here


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