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3 Reasons to Buy Rapid City Tires from Rushmore Honda

Posted by Steve Michelson on 11/15/17 1:32 PM

Has the time come to replace your tires?

As winter begins, it's more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right Rapid City tires. Especially in a state like South Dakota, where slippery, icy streets are the norm this time of year, quality tires are crucial for keeping your vehicle moving carefully on the road.

Safe, winter driving isn't the only reason to invest in new tires for sale in Rapid City... keep reading to learn three more!

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Don’t Let Your South Dakota Vehicle Get Caught in the Cold | Auto Repair Rapid City

Posted by Steve Michelson on 10/16/17 12:57 PM

It may be fall in South Dakota, but we all know that winter will be here sooner than we think. Winters in South Dakota can be rough. That’s why you’re prepared with the warmest winter clothing like coats, hats, and boots, as well as proper winter equipment like shovels and snow blowers.

You may be feeling prepared for winter, but what about your Rapid City vehicle? Making sure that your South Dakota car, truck, or SUV is prepared for winter is just as important.

Keep reading to learn the five things you should check while winterizing your South Dakota vehicle, and find out how scheduling an auto repair service at Rushmore Honda can keep you and your vehicle from getting caught in the cold. 

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Hail Alert: Tips to Fixing Hail-Damaged Cars in Rapid City

Posted by Steve Michelson on 9/14/17 1:06 PM

If you live in Rapid City, chances are you’ve survived a hail storm or two over the past few years. Unfortunately, South Dakota is known for its unpredictable weather that can cause damage to Rapid City cars.

If your vehicle was affected by last month’s Rapid City hail storm, read on to discover the best tips for fixing those annoying hail dents yourself, as well as how scheduling a service at Rushmore Honda can fix your vehicle’s hail damage.

And if you’re on the lookout for great deals on cars for sale in South Dakota, we’re also talking about how you can save on Rushmore Honda’s slightly hail-damaged cars for sale in Rapid City!

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Certified Auto Repair Rapid City: The Gold Class Standard

Posted by Steve Michelson on 2/16/17 3:43 PM

When living in the Rapid City area, at some point, you can expect some sort of damage to your vehicle. Due to the unpredictable landscape and weather of the Black Hills, you need auto repair Rapid City trusts.

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

How are Rapid City tires affected by summer heat?

Posted by Steve Michelson on 5/19/16 12:04 PM

You may be ready to say hello to summer, but are your tires?

Summer heat can wreak havoc on a vehicle's tires. The combination of warm weather, hot streets, road trips, and dry air can severely damage an old set of tires.

Here are a few simple ways to check your Rapid City tires and make sure they're ready for summer heat. 

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips for Car Care Month | Rapid City Auto Mechanic

Posted by Steve Michelson on 4/25/16 12:48 PM

Spring has finally sprung!

After a long, cold winter your Rapid City car, SUV, or truck may have some wear and tear, and could use a little care. Extreme cold and harsh winter elements, plus road salt take a toll on every vehicle. 

Thankfully, April is National Car Care Month! 

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

How to Prepare Your Car, SUV, or Truck in Rapid City for Winter

Posted by Steve Michelson on 10/19/15 4:51 PM

The cold, frigid months of winter in South Dakota tend to be tough on vehicles. Is your new or used car, SUV, or truck ready?

Smart drivers know it's important to prepare for the change of weather and winterize their vehicles accordingly. To avoid the cost and hassle of a breakdown in the cold, there are a few things you can do to ensure safe travels. 

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Hail Damage Tips from Rushmore Honda's Body Shop in Rapid City

Posted by Steve Michelson on 6/22/15 11:21 AM

It's about that time of the year when Rapid City weather can instantly turn from a beautiful sunny day to ice falling form the sky. South Dakotans know it all too well. We're talking about hail season. 

Hail damage can be a car owner's worst nightmare, so how do you prepare for it? Rushmore Honda's body shop in Rapid City has some hail damage tips:

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Winterize Your Tires - Visit Rushmore Honda for Tires in Rapid City

Posted by Steve Michelson on 10/30/14 11:00 AM

Winter is approaching and soon there will be snow on the ground. It's important that you take the time to check your car to make sure it is ready for the changing weather. Your tires are one of the most important items to inspect. They can be easily overlooked, but worn or damaged tires can be very dangerous in winter weather.

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Car Battery Ready for Winter? Your Black Hills Honda Dealer Can Help

Posted by Steve Michelson on 10/29/14 2:38 PM

It's Fall in South Dakota

The leaves are changing, which can only mean one thing: fall is here. While you are probably digging out your snow shovel in preparation for the inevitable snows to come, you should also be getting your car ready for the soon-to-be cold and snowy weather.

Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

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