Honda Certified offers more options with HondaTrue

Honda’s Certified Pre-Owned program has a new look, and that’s good news for even more Honda owners.

This new 3-tier system provides Certified Used benefits for top-notch used Hondas up to 10 years old. The three tiers are HondaTrue Certified+, HondaTrue Certified, and HondaTrue Used. Here’s more information on each tier.

  • HondaTrue Certified+. Our top tier is for 2021-’22 models. Eligible vehicles are Hondas with less than 1 year and 12,000 miles from their original sale date. Its coverage benefits include:
  • HondaTrue Certified. For vehicles up to 6 years old (2017-2022) with up to 80,000 miles. Coverage benefits include:
  • HondaTrue Used. For vehicles up to 10 years old (2012-2022), with no mileage limit. Coverage benefits include:

Certified Used Hondas must still also pass our strict inspections and be sound mechanically, as well as remain in top condition inside and out. (No major hail damage, dents, scratches, stains, etc.)

The 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain coverage provides coverage for 7 years OR 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, and the 5-year/86,000-mile limited non-powertrain coverage is for 5 years OR 86,000 miles (whichever comes first). For a full explanation of your Certified Benefits, check out our online warranty booklet here, or call our store at 605-348-4468 and ask to speak to a sales consultant.