Plan Your Next Fur-Friendly Trip With These 8 Tips

It’s not really a family trip if your four-legged buddy can’t come along, right?

Just like making plans to head out with your kids takes a little foresight, getting ready for a road trip with Fifi or Felix means some extra preparations.

traveling with your pet in a HondaHere are some tips to make your next outing a fun, safe, and relaxing one for all the members of your family, whether or not they have fur.

  1. Start short. Make sure your animal is ready for a longer trip by first taking quick drives. Make each car trip a little longer until Fido or Fluffy is ready for a longer jaunt.
  2. Record it. Don’t forget to bring along your pet’s vaccination records. Usually, you’re fine, but different states have different rules when it comes to rabies vaccines and the like.
  3. Don’t leave her. Hot or cold, don’t leave your pet in a car for any length of time. Depending on the weather, she could get heat stroke or freeze to death in short period of time.
  4. Head in. Dogs especially love to hang their heads out the window. But it’s actually really hard on their eyes, and they can be struck by flying objects.
  5. Crate or harness. It’s tempting to let your animal just roam the car as you drive. But you wouldn’t do that with your kids, so don’t do it with your pets. Make sure your animals are secured, either with a harness that connects to a seatbelt or in a secured, well-ventilated crate.
  6. Pack it in. Make sure to bring your pet’s necessary supplies, like her vaccine papers, food, treats, waste bags, bottled water or water from your home (to avoid a potentially upset stomach), medications, and favorite blanket or toy so she has something familiar with her.
  7. Tags and microchips. Make sure your pet’s wearing a collar with her name and your contact info. For added security and peace of mind, get your furry friend microchipped.
  8. Keep it light. Before you head out, don’t feed your pet a full meal. Just do something light about three to four hours before you leave. And avoid feeding your fur baby in a moving car, as it could cause motion sickness.

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